WWE Raw Results (01/16) – Six-Way Number One Contenders’ Elimination Match, Judgment Day Vs. Alpha Academy and more

The bell rings and the six men chase each other.

Back from intermission, Rollins and Balor trade right hands in the middle of the ring as Ziggler bounces Miz’s head off the announce desk and Lashley fights with Corbin. Rollins kicks Balor before Balor returns the favor. JBL tails Lashley, but Corbin levels him while Miz sends Ziggler into the timekeeper’s area. Ziggler delivers a Tornado DDT from the barricade while Rollins delivers a gutbuster to Balor. He ascends to the top, but Corbin stops him from flying and meets him there. Balor joins him and the two try to hit a double suplex, but Bobby Lashley jumps into the ring and pulls them all down with a powerbomb. He tries to deliver a spear to Rollins, but Rollins ducks to the side and Lashley collides with the ring post. Ziggler then follows it up with Zig Zag and Miz delivers the Skull Crushing Finale. He goes for a pin, but Lashley kicks out and rolls out. Miz gives a thrust and then follows it with the Yes Kicks. Balor tries to roll up Miz, but Miz kicks out, delivering the Yes Kicks. He then aims his sights back at Ziggler and locks the Figure Four Lock. Ziggler reverses the lock and Rollins takes advantage. He delivers the Curb Stomp to Miz, then pins it to have it wrapped.

Eliminated: The Miz

Back from the break, Corbin beats Rollins into the corner as Balor goes after Ziggler. Balor whips Corbin into Ziggler and then whips him into Rollins. Corbin rolls out and Lashley takes his shoulder. Corbin and Balor then send him into the ring post. Balor gets him back in the ring and Rollins delivers a series of kicks and lariats. He delivers a jumping knee off the platform to Balor, then takes a sip of Corey Graves’ water. He shoots Theory, then steps back into the ring and kicks Theory in the head. Corbin goes after them, but Rollins and Ziggler team up to get the right hands. The pair then deliver alternating splashes to Ziggler and Balor in the corner before Ziggler rolls up Rollins. Rollins kicks out and delivers a suicide dive to Lashley and Corbin on the outside. Balor then flies over the top to take out the three men before Ziggler rises to the top rope and delivers a Frog Splash.

All five men are down, but Ziggler gets up first and throws Corbin into the ring. Corbin kicks him in the head and then looks for a power bomb. Ziggler delivers a superkick, then delivers Zig Zag to Lashley and a superkick to Balor. Rollins catches him with a pedigree and pins him for elimination.

Eliminated: Dolph Ziggler

Corbin is back from another break and sends Balor against Lashley and Rollins. He then hits Balor with Deep Six and then goes for a pin. Balor kicks out and Corbin rains with his right hand. Rollins does the same to Corbin, but Corbin ends up sending him out. Lashley and Corbin then begin fighting in the ring before Lashley brings a series of shoulders to his stomach. He plants it and then dries it outside. Balor tries to knock Lashley down, but Lashley gets the upper hand. Rollins comes after him, but Lashley catches him and delivers a double DDT. He then plants it and hits Balor with a delayed vertical suplex.

Omos and MVP go to ringside as Lashley questions their presence. Corbin takes advantage and delivers a clothesline before Balor brings the slingshot and Rollins clotheslines out to him. He then drops Lashley in the corner and hits Coup-De-Grace. Rollins comes out of nowhere and delivers the curb to Balor. He pins him and eliminates him from the competition.

Eliminated: Finn Balor

Corbin attacks Rollins across the ring stairs, but Rollins catches him. He steps onto the platform, but Omos pulls him down and drops him over the announcement desk. Corbin then comes back into the ring, but Lashley catches him with a spear and sends him back.

Eliminated: Baron Corbin

Lashley has a talk with Omos and MVP, allowing Theory to take advantage and beat him to the United States Championship. Omos grabs hold of him and tries to strangle him through the table, but Theory lands across the table and Rollin’s curb stomps Omos. He then attacks Theory and returns in the ring. He superkicks MVP to take him out of the equation, then sets his sights on Lashley. He runs through the ropes looking for a curb, but Lashley catches him with a spear for the win.

Eliminated: Seth “Freakin” Rollins

Winner (and new number one contender): Bobby Lashley

After the game, Theory and Lashley stare at each other as the show goes off the air.

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