Rodger Saffold on losing bills: You run out of gas at some point

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

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The Bills’ season came to an end with Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, forcing players to come to the facility on Monday to clean out their lockers.

Security guard Rodger Saffold took some time off to talk to reporters about the season’s unfortunate ending. There was a lot of talk on Sunday about the Bills not being able to match the energy the Bengals brought to the field and Saffold’s comments suggest that it felt that way internally as well.

“Guys were exhausted during the week and our coaches tried their best to change the week. . . but unusual things just happened. . . I need to put that into practice a little bit and not as an excuse only this team has been fighting for so long and fighting through all this adversity you almost run out of gas at one point,” Saffold said through NFL Media’s Bridget Condon.

Saffold said players “have not been to take a breatherh since the Damar situation” in reference to safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during the Week 17 game in Cincinnati and it was clear that the situation was taking an emotional toll on the Bills in recent weeks. They now have a chance to catch their breath, but it will be a long time before they have the chance to show that they have gained a foothold again.

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