Lawmakers in Wyoming are proposing a ban on the sale of electric vehicles

A group of GOP Wyoming state lawmakers wants to end electric vehicle sales there by 2035, saying the move will help protect the oil and gas industry.

The measure, which entered the state legislature Friday, was sponsored by six state lawmakers, who said electric vehicles will hinder Wyoming’s ability to trade with other states. The bill states that citizens and businesses are encouraged not to purchase electric vehicles before the ban takes effect.

“The proliferation of electric vehicles at the expense of gas-powered vehicles will have detrimental impacts on Wyoming communities and will be detrimental to Wyoming’s economy and the country’s ability to trade efficiently,” the bill reads.

The legislation said adding new charging stations would require “massive” amounts of new power to “support the electric vehicle setback”.

The bill added that the oil industry employs thousands of people in the state.

Meanwhile, 15 other states, including New York and California, have taken steps to ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles. The bill’s final clause instructs the Wyoming secretary of state to send a copy of the bill to the governor of California, who supported his state’s ban on gas-powered vehicles during his governorship.

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