King Charles III breaks age-old tradition at his upcoming coronation

King Charles III breaks age-old tradition at his upcoming coronation

The coronation ceremony of King Charles takes place in Westminster Abbey.

The grand coronation of the British King Charles III and his wife Camilla will take place in May this year. During the ceremony, the new monarch breaks with tradition and refuses to conform to centuries of monarchs wearing traditional royal attire. The independent reported.

At previous coronations, the monarch traditionally wore silk stockings and trousers. However, it has been reported that King Charles may forgo this tradition and several ancient rituals and don his military uniform instead. According to the outlet, the new monarch came to this decision after consulting senior aides, who felt the traditional dress was either out of place or too dated.

In particular, the grand coronation ceremony of King Charles and his wife Camilla will take place on May 6. It will be held in Westminster Abbey. The following day, Windsor Castle will also play host to a coronation concert, with an orchestra playing musical favorites featuring some of the world’s greatest entertainers and a special coronation choir before lighting up buildings across the country.

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According to details published by Buckingham Palace, there will be a public vote for tickets to admit several thousand members of the public. Street parties are held on Sundays, encouraging communities and neighbors to come together to share food.

On Monday, people will also be encouraged to volunteer with charity, faith and community groups to pay tribute to the King’s public service and try to create a legacy of volunteerism.

The palace has not yet announced which members of the royal family will attend the king’s coronation. Until now, the crowning has been overshadowed by the memoirs of Prince Harry, the monarch’s son ‘Reserve’in which he criticized the king and other relatives.

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