Elon Musk Reveals Next Twitter Update

'Great tweets from other countries': Elon Musk reveals next Twitter update

Tweets are translated before being featured, Elon Musk claimed. (File)

Twitter will soon begin translating and recommending tweets from other countries and cultures, Elon Musk announced this morning. Besides, the next update on the microblogging platform will be to stop switching users to featured tweets from their custom settings, he said.

“In the coming months, Twitter will translate and recommend amazing tweets from people from other countries and cultures. There are epic tweets every day in other countries (especially Japan),” said the billionaire who has unleashed a storm of change on the platform since he bought it last year.

Tweets are translated before being featured, he claimed.

“The next Twitter update remembers whether you were on For You (recommended), Follow, or a list you made, and won’t switch you back to recommended tweets,” Musk said in another tweet.

Earlier this month, he had announced several other updates, including a left-right swipe feature to switch between recommended and followed tweets, and a bookmarks button. He had also confirmed that Twitter will launch the “long-form” tweet feature in February.

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