Eli Apple takes multiple punches on Stefon Diggs and the Bills

AFC Division Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills

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Joe Burrow’s swagger has prompted one of his teammates to take things to the next level.

A day after Sunday’s victory over the Bills, Bengals cornerback Eli Apple posted multiple tweets in which he took pictures of the Bills and receiver Stefon Diggs in particular.

Have someone arrange couples therapy for them,” Apple tweeted over a video of Diggs gesturing to quarterback Josh Allen in frustration after Allen failed to connect with receiver Gabe Davis on a fourth down play that essentially ended the game. Diggs believed he was open in the end zone for a touchdown that would have narrowed the margin from 27-10 to 27-16, pending the PAT.

Apple also retweeted a video of Donald Trump chanting “turn off the lights”, referring to “Diggs in the playoffs.”

Apple also retweeted Diggs’ various tweets about his reaction to the loss, as well as other posts mocking Diggs and the Bills.

In a tweet, Apple posted a video of Allen and Diggs shaking hands during pregame warmups with this message: “They don’t do this after the game.” Apple also referred to Diggs as “Terrell Owens Jr.”

Allen also got a lot of jabs from Apple. Browse his Twitter page and you see it all.

It is certainly one of the spoils of victory. And it will make next year’s regular season meeting between the Bills and Bengals in Cincinnati even more memorable.

Maybe if the Bengals win the Super Bowl, the season will kick off with Bills vs. bengals.

The Bengals need to win two more games to do that. If/when they lose – and if Apple has a rough showing – he’ll hear all about it from Bills fans, and maybe directly from Diggs.

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