Damar Hamlin: Buffalo Bills’ safety still faces a “prolonged recovery,” the spokesman said


More than two weeks after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest during a football game, a representative for Hamlin says the defensive player still has a long way to go.

In a statement obtained by ESPN, Hamlin’s longtime friend and business partner, Jordon Rooney said: “Despite being out of the hospital, Damar is still in a long recovery.

“Damar still needs oxygen and has his heart checked regularly. He has visited a few times with the team, but he still gets out of breath very easily. He is cheerful and positive and ready to continue to overcome this.”

The statement comes just one day after Bills head coach Sean McDermott told reporters that Hamlin is at the team facility almost daily, CNN previously reported.

“It’s limited, just generally, but he’s coming in and — it really just started today or yesterday — just trying to get back into a little bit of a routine, get himself acclimatized again, take it one step at a time,” McDermott said Wednesday as he talked about Hamlin.

“His appearance, like walking around here, it’s a positive thing and to see three [Hamlin wears the No. 3 on his jersey] just smile and just wave and just put his heart up and keep pushing. It’s a bubble of positive energy that just floats through the facility,” said attacker Dion Dawkins.

The Bills will play the Cincinnati Bengals — the team Buffalo was playing against when Hamlin collapsed on the field — in the AFC Divisional Round at 3 p.m. ET on Sunday.

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