7 reasons to go on holiday for couples will make you healthier

Are you thinking about canceling your summer vacation because of a heavy workload or a demanding boss?

According to a survey by the travel website Expedia, most Americans lose an average of four vacation days per year. That means if all working Americans miss four days, we will waste 500 million unused vacation days each year!

Why? Expedia says most people cancel due to work issues, some find it difficult to coordinate family schedules, while others prefer to cash in on their unused days.

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If you think staying home this summer will help your relationship, think again. Before you decide to sacrifice your annual vacation, consider the benefits of vacationing as a couple.

Here are seven proven benefits of vacationing together as a couple.

1. It increases your happiness.

A summer vacation puts you in a better mood – it’s a fact.

Participants in a study published in the Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life experienced an increase in happiness simply by planning a vacation. Moreover, this elated state of mind lasted an average of eight weeks.

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